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Hate Crime:

Hate Crime is categorised as any crime against someone due to their race, religion, sexuality, gender ID, or disability. Bedfordshire Police also monitor crime against people due to their age & sub culture. It can be reported to the Police in the usal way 101/999/Beds Police website. Or can be reported via this link:


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Reported Crimes (sanitised data provided by Beds Police)

Dec 18 - Two burglaries Row East, & one sexual crime

Nov 18 - zero

Oct 18 - Other Criminal Damage, Riseley Rd, Keysoe

            Fear of provocation of violence – Kimbolton Rd, Keysoe

            Harassment – Thurleigh Rd, Bolnhurst

Sep 18 - a crime in Keysoe (committed in January 18, reported 19/9/18).

Aug 18 - burglary dwelling Keysoe, 28/8/18




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