Police Surgery - Keysoe Row West junction (opposite school) - 11/9/19 2.30pm - 3.30pm


Parish Council Elections 2019

Bolnhurst & Keysoe Parish Council runs for a 4 year term.  The Council is made up of 7 members - 2 for Bolnhurst Ward, & 5 for Keysoe Ward.


There were 4 nominations for the 7 seats, which means there was not a contested election. The 3 remaining seats are still available if anyone is interested (one on Bolnhurst Ward & two on Keysoe Ward).


For more information about being a Parish Councillor, please feel free to contact The Clerk, or any of the existing Councillors.



Broad band roll out - update from Justine Ives, Bedford Borough Council, October 2018


Superfast Broadband briefing note for Wyboston Ward (updated October 2018) from Justine Ives


Bedford Borough Council was requested by Central Government to aid the rollout of Superfast Broadband by suppliers in order to increase coverage across the country.  The Government’s policy is to provide funding to support the roll-out of superfast broadband to those areas of the UK where commercial rollout is not economically viable.  Left to the commercial market, in many areas, largely in rural areas, there would be no roll-out of superfast broadband at all, or at least not for the foreseeable future.


The Council is working in partnership with BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK, part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) alongside Central Bedfordshire, Luton Borough and Milton Keynes Councils, to administer the Central Superfast Programme (‘the Programme’) which is to upgrade the infrastructure in order to extend fibre broadband coverage across the four councils.


In terms of the Bedfordshire Programme, work is currently being delivered under contract by Openreach in phases.  With a project of this size and complexity it is essential to have a stable and planned workload to ensure that all works are completed in the most efficient and effective manner.  In the interest of fairness, the four councils have been very clear from the outset that they would not prioritise any geographical areas over any others.  Modelling was therefore delegated to Openreach to ensure maximum coverage with the funding available.  It is also for Openreach to decide what assets are useable (or not) for the individual upgrades.  We believe that this is the fairest and most robust approach and will allow progress with minimum of delays and will represent the best value for money.


There are four projects which comprise the overall programme: 


•             BDUK 1 Superfast Broadband Project 2014-2016 (completed)


•             BDUK 2 Superfast Extension Project (SEP) 2016 – 2019 (currently live & being delivered by Openreach)


•             BDUK Gainshare Project 2017/19 (currently live & being delivered by Openreach)


•             BDUK 3 2019/20 (currently in deployment negotiations)


Please find below details for each of the parishes… 



Superfast enabled

In SEP/Gainshare plan

Eligible for future project funding

Bolnhurst & Keysoe

MK44 2EL

MK44 2JE

MK44 2JB

MK44 2 JD

MK44 2JG

MK44 2HT

MK44 2JF

MK44 2JA

MK44 2EN

MK44 2HW

MK44 2HX

MK44 2HL

MK44 2HJ

MK44 2HP

MK44 2HN

MK44 2HR

MK44 2HS


MK44 2EY

MK44 2EX

MK44 2ES

MK44 2ET


MK44 2PP

MK44 2EP

MK44 2HB

MK44 2JQ

MK44 2JP

MK44 2JH

MK44 2JJ

MK44 2HU

MK44 1AA


MK44 2NJ MK44 2JY

MK44 2JS

MK44 2NJ

MK44 2JT

MK44 2JX

MK44 2LE

MK44 2LL

MK44 2HE

MK44 2LY

MK44 2LB

MK44 2LA

MK44 2JN MK44 2NN

MK44 2NR

MK44 2NS

MK44 2QW

MK44 2NT

MK44 2EY

MK44 2NU

MK44 2NH

MK44 2AP MK44 2JZ




MK44 2BL 

MK44 2BY

MK44 2BU

MK44 2TA

MK44 2BH

MK44 2BS

MK44 2BW


MK44 2BT 

MK44 2BX  MK44 2BP


MK44 2SX



MK44 3DX

MK44 3EF

MK44 3EG

MK44 3ER

MK44 3EA

MK44 3DR

MK44 3EX

MK44 3EE

MK44 3EB

MK44 3DS

MK44 3EL

MK44 3EP

MK44 3DQ




MK44 3DS



PE19 8JD

PE19 5HP

PE19 5HQ

PE19 5JX

PE19 5HT

PE19 5HR

PE19 5JA


MK44 2LR

MK44 2NE

MK44 2LS

PE19 5BJ

MK44 2LP MK44 2LT

PE19 5JB

MK44 2NX

MK44 2LH

MK44 2LD

MK44 3AT

PE19 5JF





MK44 2PY

MK44 2QG

MK44 2QQ

MK44 2QH MK44 2PE

MK44 2PB 

MK44 2QN

MK44 2QD

MK44 2PB

MK44 2QB

MK44 2PA

MK44 2QL

MK44 2PQ MK44 2PN

MK44 2PD

MK44 2QA

MK44 2PH

MK44 2PJ

MK44 2PP

MK44 2PT




& Colesden 

MK44 3BH

MK44 3BS

MK44 3AG

MK44 3BD

MK44 3AB

MK44 3BN

MK44 3AN

MK44 3AF

MK44 3AX

MK44 3AD MK44 3BL

MK44 3AU

MK44 3AE MK44 3AS

MK44 3AP

MK44 3AY

PE19 8EN


MK44 2NX

MK44 2NT

MK44 3AZ

MK44 3BW

MK44 3AT

MK44 3DA

MK44 3BX


NB postcodes provided by Parish Clerks


Current Project – BDUK 2 Superfast Extension Project (SEP) & Gainshare Project


•             Project currently live with a further 5,000 premises in Bedford Borough expected to be enabled to receive superfast broadband.  This will increase coverage to 97% coverage.


•             There have been a number of operational issues that Openreach have, and are facing, with project deployment.   The project is currently waiting for a Remedial Plan (we hoped to have one by now).  This means that the completion of the work to supply superfast broadband to the area is now likely to be extended until June 2019. 


•             Please be reassured that we are putting as much pressure as we can on Openreach to deliver the project and we are encouraged by the resource and support they have for the deployment.  Be assured if we can deliver it earlier, then we will.


Next - BDUK3 Project

  •             Project 3 (BDUK 3) contract has been awarded to Openreach.


•             Deployment plans are under review and we are waiting for agreement to be reached before sharing plans. Work is due to take place between April and December 2019.


•             Openreach state that BDUK 3 timelines are not anticipated to be impacted by the BDUK 2 delays.


•             This is currently the final project and seeks to get superfast coverage for the final 2-3% of the area, with speeds of no less than 30Mbps.


•             All the remaining unserved premises in Bedford Borough were eligible for funding and there was a requirement to cover as many of the remaining premises as possible with the funding available, however, we cannot guarantee that all properties will benefit.  The solution from the provider is Fibre to the Premise (FTTP). 


New - Gigabit Voucher Scheme


•             Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, and the government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain. As part of this commitment in March 2018 they announced a £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. 


•             Gigabit vouchers can be used by small businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit capable connection. Businesses can claim up to £3,000 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. Residents can benefit from the scheme as part of a group project which also includes businesses, and can claim for a voucher of the value of £500.





 Bedford Borough Council Local Plan 2030

 You can find information on the Local Plan 2030  on Bedford Borough Council's website




Average Speed Cameras

A Residents survey on this topic was issued in July 2015. The results of this survey are published on this website under "documents". 31% responded & 85% were against the idea of having Average Speed Cameras.


Parish Profile

An up to date profile of this Parish from the 2011 Census can be found on The Parish Council documents page.